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Fifteen years together in California, ten years in Hawaii, two years of traveling and reorganizing our lives, and now twelve years in Amsterdam where we love every minute in this beautiful and exciting city. Our lives are quiet but full and we are still happy together after all those years.

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Our Hawaii Homes

We had the enormous good fortune to own a number of homes in Hawaii during our years there. We used many of them as vacation rentals at one time or another and those had websites. Three were most important to us, and we have maintained their websites so we can always remember what they looked like.

Hale Kakahi

Our former home near Hilo on the Big Island. One of the most extraordinary properties we’ve ever seen anywhere.

Makai Vista

Kihei Akahi D-614, the first property we purchased in Hawaii and the last to be sold. Got us started in Hawaii real estate and vacation rentals.

Honolulu Tower 2003

At one point we thought we might move to Honolulu, and we did stay at Honolulu Tower now and then for several weeks at a time.