Marvin Hamlisch and More

Week 5 of 52

Good week for us!!! Feeling healthy again, got out and had a little fun! Seattle still continues to amaze me and we have been blessed with lots of blue skies, gorgeous snow-covered mountain vistas, and the most extraordinary city skyline that I have seen (and I’m quite the snob when it comes to San Francisco and Honolulu).

Saw a wonderful concert this past week with Marvin Hamlisch doing a tribute to Cole Porter; the man is a true entertainer and really connects with his audience. But I have to tell you, when we walked into the concert hall and I looked around at 2500 (almost sold-out) seats in a very new, fancy hall, I said to Harrison, “Hmm, we’re not in Hilo anymore….” This was also validated when we looked in the program at the personal donor list and it STARTED at $5000. And here our wonderful Historic Hilo Palace Theater is so grateful to get $50 donations. So here’s my shameless plug… if you live on the Big Island and you can afford to help support the Palace, please do! It’s such a landmark in Hilo, and having been on the board I saw first hand how HARD everyone works to keep it open. They need any help you can offer!

The concert was fantastic. Mr. Hamlisch was funny, gracious, told Cole Porter stories, and basically mentioned numerous times how thankful he was whenever he saw a young person in the audience. He is passionate about American composers and making sure the youth know about them. I thought that was quite charming. The two singers he had performing were wonderful Broadway-type singers so it was a true treat.

Now that we are well, our social calendar has really filled up this coming week; we’re having a lovely day today with our dear friends Rick and Maggie, and we have lunch or dinner dates pretty much all week. Will take some photos and share them next week. In the meantime, here are a few photos of our beautiful condo that our dear friends, Jim and Donna, own in West Seattle and who have allowed us to stay during our time here. Thank you so much!!!

Until next time, a hui hou!