Another Week in Seattle

Week 4 of 52

Wow, another Sunday sure has come quickly. Four weeks down, 48 to go on our year-long adventure! We are continuing to enjoy this beautiful area; we even got snow this week! A real treat for me since I have rarely seen snow falling. I know a lot people moan and groan, but we’re lucky. We don’t have to drive in it, no commute going on here. Plus it was a dainty snow that just dusted everything so it looked like powdered sugar.

This week we took a wonderful ferry ride to Vashon Island (very rural); made me mad at Linda Lingle again for screwing up the superferry in Hawaii. At least now we have a governor who truly represents the people of Hawaii and who signed same-sex civil unions into law this past week. YEA!

We attended Wintergrass, a 3-day bluegrass festival at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue (well, I went one day, Harrison all three). We were there along with about 2000 other people; wonderful music, amazing musicians and it was fun to see how people just show up with their instruments and have jam sessions anywhere they can find a spot.

Our Honda ElementOur big orange Honda Element with the license plate KAKAHI (means unique) arrived from Hawaii just fine; when we picked it up at the shipping dock we were in good company as there were lots of other Hawaii license plates in the lot. Thanks Matson!

We’re well enough now that we’re going to start seeing some friends, being social again, and doing interesting things. Since we haven’t gone out much, I managed to finished My Life, Bill Clinton’s autobiography. It’s long but very, very good, although it will make you even more disgusted with how extreme right-wing Republicans (not the good fiscally conservative Republicans) have changed politics in the last 25  years. But he is an inspiration. Friday, I started reading a book that was recommended to me and cannot put it down. (Well, I did watch the Oscars tonight….) But if my Kindle had pages I would call it a true page-turner. Looking for a good book, read The Help. Wow.

That’s it for this week. Have a great week, everyone.