Sickness in Seattle

Week 2 of 52

Getting ready to send out some very fun forwards I received this week so thought I would update everyone first. We’re still sick but definitely on the mend. I think we went about three days without leaving the house, surrounded by boxes of Kleenex, cough drops, Nyquil, and lots of tea bags. A friend called and said, “You sound terrible!” And I replied, “Yeah I know, but I look a lot worse!”

But the sun has been shining in Seattle… who said they had gray skies in the winter??? We have wonderful views looking out over Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains and we are loving this gorgeous condo of our friends Jim & Donna. They are very classy people and it is not only beautiful but also very, very comfortable. We watch lots of walkers and runners going by on this amazing path along the water that must be 10 miles long. I joined a gym on Friday and have gone out for the last three days, stopping and getting a yummy cup of coffee at one of a zillion choices on the way home.

Yesterday, if you can believe this… we went to an RV show!!! Yep, the big Seattle stadium, Qwest Field, had a huge show of RVs. We thought maybe that would be a way for us to travel across the US (one way not to worry about the bed bug infestation!). These things are amazing; I would call them Affordable Housing! In fact, some are more gorgeous than many houses I’ve seen; they are multi-story and some have garages. We decided we really weren’t RV people but it’s a testament that we’re keeping an open mind! We had a fantastic lunch at a wonderful old restaurant near Pioneer Square called F.X. McRory’s… looked like the bar at Cheers. We loved it.

That’s it from us. We’re hoping to get out a bit more this coming week, see some friends, go to some museums. We go to a Bluegrass Festival at the end of the month and we may try to score some tickets to see Eric Clapton, who’s coming to Seattle. So much to do! Take care, everyone. Will try to get some photos in next week… trust me, we have NOT been camera-ready this past week.